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What Can Be Recycled?

What Can Be Recycled?

It seems like such an easy response but it is harder than most may think. Many people think only water bottles or Styrofoam cups can be recycled. That is so far from the truth however. One main item, especially from construction sites, that can and should be recycled, is concrete. But that is not the only thing. If you work in an office building you may notice that they recycle paper or even ink cartridges. Some popular items to recycle in your own home are rubber and even appliances. The more you can recycle and or reuse the better for the environment.

Since Crete Crush has been specializing in concrete the genuine growth has skyrocketed. The whole concept of recycling concrete was not initially thought of as a great or beneficial idea. It has only recently begun to stir interest and become much more popular among nationwide construction sites. Demolition crews were the first ones to realize just how important and essential the recycling of the rubble on a demolition site was. Not only had to keep the contractors within the time constraints, but making moving and hauling of the debris easier and safer for all involved.

The weeding process can be somewhat daunting however. Mainly because the type of concrete that does get recycled has to be completely free of trashes and garbage, no wood, no paper, and other contaminants basically. When concrete is recycled, it has strictly got to be concrete. Now there are those rare cases where a client might request that their specific order of concrete be cut with another secondary material. Often times the secondary material is sand or even pea gravel.

At the end of the day, regardless of why, you can rest assured that recycling is the best and in many cases the only solution in a demo or a construction project. When that is the case feel free to contact Crete Crush and we will go above and beyond for you as our customer.