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Does Using Recycled Material Bring in Eco-Minded Clientele

Does Using Recycled Material Bring in Eco-Minded Clientele?

This is a question that seemingly would be very easy to answer. In many cases when an older building is demolished a recycling company or a concrete crushing company will come and pick the concrete up only to crush it down and recycle it for other projects. It seems as though the eco-minded or conservationist would be very interested in these crushed pieces of concrete in order to re-use them in their driveways and patio structures. This will not only keep the raw products from going into landfills but also it allows the consumer to feel good about themselves because they are now contributing to the resolution of the pollution problem.

But is that all? Not by any means. Using recycled material not only wins the affection of the eco-minded, but also the financially-minded customer. There are two very important reasons why a financially invested person would like to use recycled concrete. First of all the landfill tax is already paid by the original buyer of the concrete. Therefore, when the second person purchases the recycled concrete the landfill tax is extremely lower, if non-existent. Next, with the way the economy is spiraling out of control like a roller coaster at the most enthusiastic theme park, the economy perils hit everyone. Quite frankly it is less expensive to buy recycled. In this day and age finding those affordable ways to purchase goods is critical, and it seems as though recycled is the way to go.

Home owners may think that all they can do with recycled concrete is implementing it into the driveway or the patio structures. They would be wrong there. There are several other venues that a homeowner can utilize crushed concrete. It can also be used in the laying of a foundation for a new home, or to use as an extension to the basement. There have even been homeowners that have used crushed concrete as basic structural filler. The possibilities are limitless at this point!

Does Using Recycled Material Bring in Eco-Minded Clientele