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Recycling concrete: 2nd most consumed material

In general concrete is a material that is accepted as being just another part of our everyday living process. However, as far as a construction or demolition business is concerned, disposing of waste materials from a work site can present a variety of alternatives. In addition, it can also provide some financial and environmental challenges, particularly regarding concrete recycling Sacramento!

Various reports confirm that after water, concrete is the second most consumed material and taking into consideration the volumes consumed, it must be recognized as crucial that alternative methods are found to reuse waste concrete instead of just dumping it in landfills. Recycling waste material not only benefits the environment and future generations but also the construction industry directly, by helping reduce operational costs.

Waste concrete and various other materials that accumulate on a demolition site can be effectively and economically disposed of by contractors specializing in concrete recycling Sacramento. This concrete waste is crushed by mechanical means with appropriate measures taken to ensure it is uncontaminated This involves the removal of any waste matter, wood, paper and other content. To meet various future construction needs, the crushed concrete chunks are sorted by size, with larger chunks being crushed a second time. Following the crushing procedure, it is filtered and other particulates removed by hand-picking or water floatation.

When cleaned, recycled concrete can be compared to traditional aggregate. The United States Federal Highway Administration promotes the utilization of recycled concrete as an aggregate, as a foundation for new highways. The Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA), reports there are various applications in which recycled concrete is currently being utilized. The crushed characteristics of hardened concrete have been determined as being like those of natural rock. Following the concrete recycling Sacramento process, they are not affected to any significant degree by the grade or quality of the original concrete materials.