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World of concrete

World of concrete

How the world of concrete has changed

It can be said today that the concrete and related industries have experienced progressive changes. Not too long ago and in some outdated cases in the present, when concrete structures needed demolishing the resulting waste concrete and other materials were loaded onto transporters and sent to landfills.

Concrete recycling Sacramento is a highly effective established business within an industry that is becoming increasingly more common due to its capacity for generally providing a variety of advantages and benefits. There can be no argument that our environment and atmosphere need a severe cleanup, which is being helped by recycling concrete. Add to this the process reduces the need for gravel mining, and importantly, the pollution created by transporting materials from gravel mines to new construction sites.

A crucial cost-related factor is that concrete recycling Sacramento utilizes mobile equipment that makes it possible for waste concrete to be crushed on-site instead of at a remote facility. This equipment consists of either a road-portable plant or a self-contained portable mini-crusher. The road transportable plants are capable of processing about 600 tons of concrete every hour, with the mini crushers able to process up to 150 tons an hour. The mini crushers do, however, have the advantage of being able to operate in more confined areas than the plants.

The road transportable plant is made up of concrete recycling equipment, as follows:

  • A crusher for the rubble
  • Screening plant
  • Side discharge conveyor
  • Return conveyor from screening plant to crusher intake.

In this, the 21st century, our much-needed land and natural resources are protected by operations such as concrete recycling Sacramento. Landfills are becoming scarce and expensive. Various authorities attempt to conserve our environment by using them for other non-recyclable materials that do not negatively impact on our world today, or for future generations!

World of concrete