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What is Concrete Recycling?

What is Concrete Recycling?

Concrete recycling Sacramento is a process that has become more popular in helping companies to use demolished or renovated concrete in other ways.  In the past concrete would have been sent to landfills to be disposed of, however, this was helping to fill up the landfills quicker.

With the use of concrete recycling Sacramento a company can help show more awareness to the environment, as well as help to keep cost of construction down.  With the use of concrete recycling your company can also stick closer to new environmental laws that have been put into legislation.

When a building is demolished the concrete aggregate is placed through crushing machines that will break the bigger pieces into small pieces that can be reused in other ways.  Though when using those machines any materials such as wood, paper or trash will need to be removed and only uncontaminated concrete can be placed through the crushers.

If there are larger pieces left after they have been placed through a crusher once, they will be placed back into the machines and ran through again.  The machines that are used can be brought to the construction site, or the materials can be taken to the GR Trucking facility to be run through it.

Larger portable machines will be able to crush around 600 tons of rubble or even more at times.  This system usually has a side discharge conveyor, rubble crusher, screening plant, and the return conveyor, which will send the larger pieces back through the machine to be busted up once again.

While the mini-crushers that are used will handle as much as 150 tons each hour.  This machine is great for a spot where you have less area to use.  Since the invention of those crusher attachments, the concrete recycling on construction sites has increased.

What is Concrete Recycling?