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Solve Your Construction Problems

Solve Your Construction Problems

Crete Crush is a highly committed company that works with local businesses and contractors to create awareness and encourage the use of recycled concrete at construction sites. Working closely with various governmental agencies, Crete Crush and its partner company GR Trucking, work tirelessly to encourage more construction companies to explore opportunities to use recycled concrete.

Concrete recycling in Sacramento is gaining momentum because of the efforts from companies like Crete Crush where the construction debris from demolition sites and renovation projects are channeled into more beneficial and fruitful reuse. This is not only an ideal cost saving measure but also has the potential to creating positive environmental effects.

At any given time, Crete Crush is able to comfortably handle more that 3 million tons of concrete and asphalt for recycling. There is a significant decrease in the need to use virgin material as more focus is given to encourage the idea of concrete recycling in Sacramento. Places like California are now in less danger of being stripped of its natural resources because more companies are willing to explore the use of recycled concrete materials.

From using the recycled concrete as a base for road ways to landscaping projects, recycled concrete is proving to be a viable and cost effective alternative to other more virgin material. Crete Crush takes it upon themselves to ensure all recycled construction concrete is of the highest quality, thus clients can be assured of virtually no containments in the end products. The general process involves Crete Crush removing all concrete debris from a construction site and then putting this material through a stringent process where aggregate is the contaminant free end product

Recycled concrete is the ideal cost effective exercise to explore and is also a practice heavily endorsed by governmental agencies.