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Using Sacramento Crushed Concrete as Aggregate

What Has to Be Considered When Using Sacramento Crushed Concrete as Aggregate

More industries are becoming familiar with the need to cut costs and also to be more environmentally friendly. Concrete recycling sacramento offers both these benefits and more. Fortunately there are companies like Crete Crush that are stepping up to address the need of recycling concrete but in a manner that is productive, safe and cost efficient.

One of the main uses that have been identified for crushed concrete is aggregate. While this is a great use for the recycled concrete there are some things that must be taken into consideration. Compared to natural aggregate recycled concrete when used as aggregate has a little bit higher shrinkage and creep when drying. It has lower specific gravity and is known to have a higher absorption capacity.  As the amount of fine recycled aggregates is added the more significant this becomes. Particle size distribution is important in concrete crushing as it must meet aggregate standards. This makes it important to use the services of a company like Crete Crush who has the expertise, experience and necessary equipment to crush the waste concrete the way it is meant to be done. The company insists on only using their services for concrete that is free from contaminants.

It is important for industries that are going to being using crushed concrete as aggregate educate themselves as to what works best, and to devise as many ways as possible where it can be implemented. It also has to be remembered that using concrete recycling sacramento alternatives for crushing concrete means this recycled material can be used in other places as well. It can be used for some road production and is even finding a place in the landscaping industry. The most important aspect of being able to recycle concrete means that this waste material is not taking up valuable space in land fill sites that are now becoming scarce.

Using Sacramento Crushed Concrete as Aggregate