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Recycling with new concrete from old

Recycling with new concrete from old

The concrete recycling in Sacramento of old materials in the form of aggregate was previously perceived as being directed at  non-structural applications; for example, bulk fills, sidewalks, erosion control, and as a roadway sub-base. Surprisingly, this was regardless of the fact that the quality of the recycled material was often considerably higher than usually required for these applications.

Another perception was that concrete recycling in Sacramento created for structural applications produced additional costs, because of a higher quality control! However, current trends have determined that the concrete recycling in Sacramento process is not only more cost-effective but also more sustainable. This factor is founded on  taking into account the costs involved in mining natural aggregates, processing and transporting them.

Furthermore, the recent emphasis on improving our nation’s aging infrastructure means that the increasing demand for new concrete will be greatly significant and provides the opportunity for cost-effective and environmental-friendly recycled material, such as that produced by concrete recycling in Sacramento!

In spite of the environmental advantages and potential economic benefits of utilizing recycled concrete for new construction projects, relatively small amounts of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) are used in structural engineering projects within America. The natural and common aggregates; for example, gravel and limestone, form a large part of the concrete overall volume. Utilizing the obvious advantage of producers, such as concrete recycling in Sacramento would result in helping the conservation of our natural heritage and ultimately, our environment and the air we breathe.

The foregoing particularly applies to the reduction of mining operations in sensitive ecosystems such as riverbeds and various researchers are striving towards achieving this more sustainable goal for concrete structures. Populations worldwide have become adapted to the creation of waste. Innovation such as concrete recycling in Sacramento is one way of turning this tide of waste materials, into a positive and environmentally-friendly solution!

Recycling with new concrete from old

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