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Aggregate Crushed Concrete | Recycling Sacramento

Aggregate Crushed Concrete  | Recycling Sacramento

Concrete recycling has gained acceptance and recognition as a preferred alternative to using virgin, mined materials.  Concrete Recycling Sacramento has perfected a process whereby crushed concrete aggregate (CCA) which is composed of demolition concrete and returned concrete is prepared and then crushed.  It is processed through a screening facility for the purpose of producing determined-sized material.  During the crushing process, a residue known as “Fines” is created, which may also be utilized as a marketable product.

“Fines” are a recycled concrete product generally used as a foundation for brick pavers, parking lots, building pads, among others.  The specification related to this material is 3/8 inch and below, to a powder form, with the bulk of the product being a powder consistency.  Concrete fines when crushed, compact effectively, making the material an ideal sub base.  The fines created in the crushing process by concrete recycling Sacramento can be used as a top-size aggregate.

Crushed concrete aggregate has been thoroughly tested and petrographic analysis conducted on various trial batches showed that the dust created during the crushing process did not either coat the aggregate or detract from the bonding of paste-to-aggregate.  This is contrary to the interference produced by clay and tightly bonded quarry dust on virgin aggregate bonds.

Concrete Recycling Sacramento offers various advantages to the end user.  Because the aggregate is a lighter material than a mined aggregate, it is accordingly easier to place and strike off.  It has also been confirmed by various finishers that CCA has a creamier texture and therefore, makes the task of finishing, easier.  In addition, due to CCA concrete having a faster initial set time, there is a shorter period between placing and finishing.  In the correct proportions, CCA has a similar shrinkage capacity as other concrete.

Crushed Concrete Aggregate | Recycling Sacramento

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