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Recycling Methods Sacramento

Recycling Methods Sacramento

The process of recycling waste materials, such as concrete and brick involve established and proven technical procedures. A general example applicable to a project site would be a demolition crew clearing waste debris, for example, windrow, stockpile concrete building, footing components, asphalt, and slab. Further segregation is needed for this material related to the amount of reinforcing steel and residual demolition debris it contains.

During the concrete recycling Sacramento a custom equipped excavator is utilized in the capacity of further reducing and sizing large concrete pieces suitable for recycling. This sizing procedure is facilitated by way of a hydraulic hammer, also known as hoe ram, or a densifying attachment. This type of sophisticated equipment has the capacity of producing 200 tons of recycled concrete per hour.

The material following the recycling process is able to be categorized into a particular product; for example, a number 89 or 57 aggregate. These recycled products can either be sold directly from the project site or if there is an ongoing construction development, they can remain on-site. Their utilization could be as structural fill, pipe bedding, de-watering media, or road base.

Apart from the obvious benefits derived from concrete recycling Sacramento, there are also various specific project benefits from crushing and recycling concrete on-site, a primary one being greater project cost-effectiveness. A particular financial advantage is the elimination of disposal or landfill costs and related trucking costs.

In the event of a project being of a size warranting imported fill, the material from concrete recycling Sacramento may be utilized to meet requirements for the new construction. It is a facility that reduces or even eliminates the expense of importing select fill and road base and can, for example, include the construction of building pads, access roads can and parking lots.

Recycling Methods Sacramento

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