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Recycling Influences on our Environment

Recycling Influences on our Environment and Businesses

The process of recycling waste materials, in addition to conserving energy, also helps control and limits the dumping of these materials into landfills. The recycling process is also and critically, a positive development in protecting our environments. While the landfills occupied by Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials are subject to state regulation to predetermined safety standards, as with any other form of control, it is dependent upon the degree of efficiency in the management of the landfills!

A sub-standard landfill can present operational issues; for example, groundwater contamination and future challenge that could be costly in the future. Concrete recycling Sacramento has effectively proven how recycled C&D materials can help prevent these problems and at the same time, produce environmental, as well as economic benefits for businesses.

Accordingly, it could be questioned whether building and demolition contractors can afford to neglect or ignore, the financial savings, such as those offered by onsite recycling. One important aspect related to the services provided by concrete recycling Sacramento is that materials transportation and disposal costs are significantly reduced, as is potential environmental damage.

The procedure of “green building” certification in the USA, is by way of the Green Building Council and their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The procedure determines that a structure is awarded points for certain “green” related advantages; for example,

  • Usage of materials with recycled content
  • Energy saving attributes
  • Efficient usage of water
  • Internal environmental lifestyle quality
  • Recycling of waste materials produced on-site

While LEED certification may not be a priority for the owner of a building; the commitment to concrete recycling Sacramento and using a determined percentage of onsite waste materials cold for a contractor, be a significant marketing asset and provide an advantage over the competition.

Recycling Influences on our Environment and Businesses

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