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Recycling C&D materials

Recycling C&D materials

Crete Crush

Everyone knows that recycling leads to all good things. More recycling means less landfill and a more sustainable environment. In order to continuously better our community and to improve our environmental practices, it is essential that the waste and construction industries research and develop compelling ways to recycle various types of material. Two of the newest incentives to recycle is that recycling construction and demolition (C&D) materials help development and help in bettering our economy.

Crete Crush is the best concrete recycler in Sacramento County because of a few things. One reason being our assistance in new land development. If you’ve searched around on our website and blog page, you know that Crete Crush specializes in the collection and crushing of old concrete/materials. Though this is true, we do so much more than just that. Concrete collected, crushed, and recycled at Crete Crush is recycled into Caltrans Class II Aggregate Base. Recycled Aggregate Base is used for the construction of roadways, house pads, parking lots, Arenas and temporary roads . Another way concrete is recycled is in pipe bedding similar to crushed rock or ¾ inch MA. Pipe bedding serves as a firm foundation where construction workers can lay underground utilities. As you can see, recycled concrete and aggregate may seem useless but isactually an essential part in construction and new projects.

In addition to recycling materials such as concrete can create employment and exercise our economy. Within the past decade the United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that the recycling C&D materials created over 230,000 jobs. Recycling C&D materials lowers overall project expenses by avoiding transportation costs of necessary materials that are only available at greater distances. Lower costs mean more projects can be put into place and those projects can be completed faster and more efficiently. 

Recycling C&D materials


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