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Recycled Concrete Saves Environment

Recycled Concrete Saves Environment

Breaking concrete on demolition sites involves breaking down and separating it into the various materials that make up the waste content. The process as conducted by concrete recycling Sacramento also involves the determination of specified sizes and quality depending on its future utilization. On completion of this stage, the materials can then be combined into an aggregate of a specified grade and used in concrete.  An added benefit is provided by any steel reinforcement being recycled and utilized as a structural reinforcement material.

The result of this procedure is not only a saving in the impact on the environment but also on our natural resources. Due to the extensive usage of Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA), various authorities have determined certain specifications and standards regarding the purpose of these materials in the finished concrete product.

There are three primary categories into which the RCA is classified by concrete recycling Sacramento:

  • Grade 1, aggregates which primarily consists of content derived from masonry rubble
  • Grade 2, are those aggregates that are mainly derived from concrete rubble
  • Grade 3, is a combination of aggregates made up of recycled and natural aggregates.

Any recycling process, such as concrete recycling Sacramento has the capacity for promoting a better and more sustainable use of our natural resources. It provides assurance that our usage of natural materials is an ongoing process and those natural resources are protected and not abused. Natural resources for future generations must be protected and for the present products and services generated from “green projects” can create new industries and jobs.

Land and pollution of our water and drainage systems are inherent risks created by the development of landfills. They are primary sources in the destruction of our environment, but which can be alleviated by efficient recycling programs.

Recycled Concrete Saves Environment