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People Trying to Recycle

People Trying to Recycle ; Even on a Smaller Level

If it were not for companies like Crete Crush then individuals would still be attempting to recycle concrete the entirely wrong way. The times when large excavating jobs have been completed you will often see posts on online sites offering the old concrete to anyone who wants to come haul it off. No one usually pays anything for it; however just having the load hauled away for free would be a great load off their shoulders.

Thanks to Crete Crush, they come and haul this unwanted concrete off site for you. Not only that but they handle the recycling part as well. Often times these pieces of concrete are used for roadways as the traffic commission will reuse material every chance they can because it most definitely helps on the budget.

There are a few other options if you still feel as though you are not ready to give Crete Crush a chance. You can always contact community project planners and see if they have a need for the concrete. You might be surprised by the answer you receive. Especially since the concrete can be used for irrigation in many areas. Not to mention that is can also be used in the construction of temporary driveways while the traffic is so heavy during a construction of a community project.

Never underestimate the power of a sign either. This one is rare and not all counties will allow it. But pounding a stake into the ground with a sign attached reading ‘Free’ has always been a last resort. While it does not guarantee it will be recycled, it will at least get it off of your land.

If you want to avoid all of these options and you just want one company to handle all of it, then contact Crete Crush and you will most definitely be pleased when you see just how professional they are when it comes to recycling.

People Trying to Recycle