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Onsite concrete recycling Sacramento

Onsite concrete recycling Sacramento

Similar to our bodies, the environment in which we live now and our children in the future, is the only one we have. The recycling industry is helping us protect and care for it and this is where concrete recycling in Sacramento is playing an integral role in helping to protect our planet.

Onsite crushing and recycling of waste Concrete and Demolition (C&D) materials are today, fast becoming the norm for this type of waste utilization. Because of environmental concerns the days of just dumping rubble in landfills are disappearing, despite there still being a long road ahead of us.

Investments in the extra heavy-duty recycling equipment needed for this type of onsite operation make up a huge commitment. These high production units are equipped with a variety of equipment that is extremely effective and meets the significant high productivity demands placed upon it.

By example; a usual project involving concrete recycling in Sacramento is started with demolition crews clearing Concrete and Demolition (C&D) debris that includes asphalt, windrow or stockpile concrete building footing components and slab. This material is segregated on a quantities basis of reinforcing steel and residual demolition debris it contains. A specific task equipped excavator is utilized to reduce the larger concrete pieces to suitable recycling size. This is achieved by way of a hydraulic hammer, or hoe ram, or a densifying accessory.

After the concrete has been initially processed, the crushing and concrete recycling in Sacramento processes commence. This equipment has the capacity of producing about 200 tons of recycled concrete per hour, in determined material products; for example, a number 57 or 89 aggregate. They are materials that can either be sold from the site or if required, they can remain on-site as a structural fill, pipe bedding, road base, or as a de-watering media.

Onsite concrete recycling Sacramento

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