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Materials and the environment|Sacramento Concrete Recycling

Materials and the environment | Sacramento Concrete Recycling

Everyone, each day is subjected to impact from recycled materials, whether it’s recycled paper towels, paper cups, or recycled plastic bottles. However, a critical aspect related to the recycling process is the waste material from construction projects. Houses are constructed with recycled wood and steel from demolished structures is reused; likewise concrete recycling Sacramento produces aggregate for use in new concrete buildings, roads, and bridges.

The environmental impact on our natural resources is an issue that is causing concern for every country.  The natural aggregates traditionally used in new concrete, such as gravel and limestone, are a large part of the new concrete volume. The recycling of concrete contributes significantly to our ability in conserving and lessening the impact on our environment.

Concrete recycling Sacramento effectively conserves natural resources by providing the crucial alternative. It influences the reduction of mining operations within sensitive ecosystems; for example, riverbeds and at the same time produces financial saving for industry.  A considerable amount of research conducted related to the reduction of impacting on the environment has been directed towards the partial replacement of concrete with industrial by-products such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag.

To a great extent, it is only in relatively recently that the conservation of natural aggregates has been given the attention it deserves. The impact on out natural resources and therefore, our environment is made obvious, by these natural materials contributing to approximately 50% of the concrete mix volume. Aggregate, as produced by concrete recycling Sacramento from used construction materials has previously been mainly utilized in non-structural applications.

However, influenced by the calls for environmental preservation and improving aging infrastructure, the demand for recycled concrete will increase. This will not only benefit all our present generations and those that follow will be increasingly financially viable.

Materials and the environment | Sacramento Concrete Recycling

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