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Material Trucking Crete Crush

Material Trucking Crete Crush in the Community

Crete Crush | Folsom, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, 

We work with the community.  As the Sacramento region expands into one of the best metropolitan area in the United States, Crete Crush, and its sister company GR Trucking are part of every step.  As the premier material trucking company in the area, based in Rancho Cordova and Sacramento since 2000, we have continually provided material trucking, debris removal, and concrete recycling services.  Its our honor to do so, and the combination of our experience, fleet, and ownership of the most number private dump sites in Northern California, we are the best partners to work with state, local, and private groups improving our community.

Our services don’t end with material trucking, they just begin.  Concrete recycling and removal can be be costly, but our free services will deploy a truck to a job site, remove the debris and bring it to one of our facilities to be broken down into gravel, or, to reduce travel and waste, we will bring a portable crusher to the site, and there break down demolition materials to a variety of aggregate and from there provide material trucking to one of our facilities or the next job site.

We’re proud to have over 80 material trucking vehicles in our fleet.  That combined with our superior facilities, knowledgeable staff, and decades of experience, we are confident that we can meet the needs of all projects, no matter the size or location.  We want to work closely with our partners and collaborate each step of the way–planning meticulously for material trucking, debris removal, concrete recycling and/or material delivery to each job site.  

In addition, we offer material trucking for dirt exchange.  More information is available on our website. We invite you to review our extensive list of available materials and give us a call to discuss your project. We look forward to partnering with the region to help grow Sacramento.

Material Trucking Crete Crush in the Community

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