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Going Green With Recycled Concrete

Going Green With Recycled Concrete

Companies like Crete Crush are among the pioneers in advocating the use of recycled concrete debris. With the help of governmental organizations, Crete Crush is able to reach out to construction companies and introduce the idea of using recycled concrete for some parts of their project.

With two recycling facilities churning out huge amounts of high quality recycled material, concrete recycling in Sacramento is now becoming a common practice in the construction industry. More construction projects are willing to use recycled material because of its high-grade quality and its safe endorsement by the government.

There are currently many different uses for recycled concrete, among which are, as base materials for road laying and landscaping projects. The recycled aggregate and other materials are well accepted by those in the construction industry as a viable and safe alternative to virgin material. Concrete recycling in Sacramento is helping to stem the need for raw, natural minerals and materials, thus effectively contributing to saving the environment.

Crete Crush helps to process the concrete rubble and debris from demolition sites, renovation sites and other types of construction sites, so that the resulting material is safe for reuse. There is a sorting process in place that separates unwanted objects such as wood particles, trash, plastic pieces and paper from the concrete debris before the concrete is fed into a crushing machine. The basic equipment commonly used by Crete Crush would consist of a rubble crusher and conveyer belt upon which the discharged material is moved, a screening plant and then another conveyed belt where larger pieces are returned to the crusher.

Strict rules and regulations are followed every step of the way to ensure the consistent high quality end product of recycled concrete, making Crete Crush a reputable option to explore when recycled concrete is needed.