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Environmental sustainability by recycling concrete

There are various ways and means by which recycling concrete provides environmental sustainability. The contributory actions of concrete recycling Sacramento have the effect of reducing the volume of material that would otherwise be dumped in landfills. The actual concrete material is transformed into an aggregate, with the added benefits of determined embedded metals being removed and recycled. Making space available for landfills has in many regions become a major issue. The process of recycling materials such as concrete effectively not only contributes to a reduction in the need for landfills; it also aids in reducing the financial impact of a construction project.

Other advantages and benefits achieved by recycled concrete Sacramento include the transforming of waste concrete material into aggregates thereby reducing the need for traditionally virgin aggregates. This, in turn, has the effect of decreasing the environmental impact created by the aggregate extraction process. With the removal of the waste disposal and new material, production needs issues, transportation applications for a construction project are reduced to a significant degree!

The management of our natural resources is enhanced, and by association, our environment is protected by the aggregates produced by recycled concrete Sacramento absorbing a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere. Recycled concrete has been recognized in the points system of the LEED® Green Building Rating System.  The utilizing of recycled aggregates in lieu of extracted aggregates, qualifies as post-consumer, due to concrete being an assembly. Therefore, the volume of recycled content is calculated as a percentage of the recycled material, based on mass!

Credit is also obtainable for Construction Waste Management., being awarded and based on diverting a minimum of 50% attributed to the mass of construction, land clearing waste from landfill disposal and demolition. Concrete is a comparatively heavy construction material and one that is often converted into aggregate by recycled concrete Sacramento!