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Entry Rock and Concrete Recycling

Entry Rock and the Concrete Recycling Sacramento Offers Site Crews

Crete Crush is one of the top manufacturers within concrete recycling Sacramento is currently offering to companies and crews. One of the top products that they offer is often referred to as entry rock. Entry rock is simply the crushed rock that comes 4” X 6” and is used for the entrances of construction sites. Mainly it is used to keep mud and dirt off of the public roads that is inevitably tracked by all of the construction equipment. It can also be used as a soil stabilizer in order to avoid erosion of the construction site while work is being performed.

Where does the entry rock come from? Recycled concrete! It is just another way to reuse something that would otherwise end up in a landfill taking up necessary space.

Entry rock is used in many more applications other than what is specified here. It can also be used adjacent to water bodies, where there is poor soil found, and of course where dust will pose a problem during dry weather. Each project is different and the determination of the use of entry rock is made on a case by case basis. However, if it is needed, then Crete Crush can load it up and deliver it to your job site for you.

On the other hand there may be limitations as to whether entry rock is needed on a job site or if there is something a little more common or uncommon is needed. Either way, those decisions will be made on a specific project basis. The good thing is that whether river cobble, 1 ½” crushed rock, or even 1” minus screened soil is needed; Crete has you covered.

There are two major factors to keep in mind when considering entry rock: insect it regularly and if there needs to be adjustments made then make sure it is done. Also, make certain to keep all ditches attached to the roadway clear of debris, entry rock included.

Entry Rock and Concrete Recycling