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Different Methods With Concrete Recycling

The Different Methods Associated With Concrete Recycling Sacramento Customers Are Familiar With

The world of concrete recycling Sacramento has known for years is literally ever changing. There is one thing that does not seem to change too much, the methods as to which concrete is recycled. Is this blog I will cover a few different methods as to how concrete can be demolished. Yes, there is actually more than one way it can be done.

Pressure Bursting: This is a very common way to demo concrete. It can be used where quiet and dust free demo is preferred over any other method. It is the process of splitting the concrete with hydraulic pressure or through boreholes. By bursting the concrete this way it is less of a mess and able to be removed by machine or actually by hand directly at the site.

Hydraulic Breakers: The actual hammer size determines the amount of work that can be accomplished through this method. There are great advantages however; remote control operation, it can be performed underwater, and the boom allows for easy maneuverability.

Dismantling: When the structure to be demolished is a section of a wall or a slab it is common to use dismantling. This way it can be done by sawing and then physically having the portions removed with very little noise and dust.

Wrecking Ball: This over 13,000 pound metal ball seems to be an all-time favorite for many. It is one of the oldest methods of concrete demo known.  The more compact cities become the less this method is used because it produces an abundance of dust, vibrations, and of course noise. Also, the abundance of power lines being installed to accommodate our love of being online gives very little to the imagination when planning on this method.

When your company is considering concrete demolition call the experts at Crete Crush, not only can we handle your concrete demo needs but we will also coordinate the recycling of the material right there on site.

Different Methods With Concrete Recycling