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Crete Crush onsite concrete recycling Sacramento

Crete Crush onsite concrete recycling

In all aspects of industry costs are increasing and in the case of Construction and Demolition (C&D), it is aggravated by landfill space being at a premium and becoming less available as time goes by. However, all is not doom and gloom, because, with the worldwide campaigns for reducing pollution and cleaning our environment and the atmosphere, the development of new ideas, concepts, technology and equipment,  industries are motivated to direct their attention towards environmental methods of production; such as concrete recycling in Sacramento.

There are many and varied examples of how recycling is not only increasing production but also proving highly efficient and cost-effective. Waste concrete and other material are being crushed and recycled on multi-million dollar highway contract in many parts of the country, in accordance with plans that call for the removal and crushing of existing concrete material.  During the course of this construction, many thousands cubic yards of concrete will be removed, recycled and reused on site.  As with concrete recycling in Sacramento the crushed pieces of concrete will be utilized for the bottom layer of the highway, which will provide it with necessary support and strength.

Due to the size of the crushed material, it is not used on the top surface of the roads. However, by reusing this recycled concrete as sub-base gravel, instead of new material, thousands of dollars are saved by eliminating the need to purchase gravel from an outside source. A further aspect is a benefit to our environment by saving pollution emission from the transportation of the gravel.

For many contractors, the cost effectiveness and efficiency of concrete recycling in Sacramento is a highly significant advantage to their operation.  A portable crusher, although off-site, can be located within easy reach of the highway under construction, enabling a convenient, competent and financially beneficial combined effort.

Crete Crush onsite concrete recycling

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