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Concrete Recyling Sacramento Using Landscaping

Concrete Recyling Sacramento Using Landscaping or Wall Rock for Stone Work

Now that you have made the decision that you want a solid rock wall on your premises, where to go next? You might watch hours of self-help videos, call in a few favors to DIY friends you may have, or even contact the local hardware store and see if they can point you in the right direction. None of those are bad suggestions after all, but to go along with those suggestions here are a few tips we have found throughout the many years we have been working with landscaping and wall rock.

  1. Use rigid plastic PVC pipes to acquire those even lines and curves for the base. Lay these out first to see the shape and aesthetics of the wall before you lay the first rock or the first trowel of mortar.
  2. Use one tool for multiple jobs. Have a brick hammer available with a handle measuring a foot. This way your hammer can double as a ruler and you can use it to stay within that width limit on your new wall.
  3. Use a wooden float as a guide when you are smoothing the top of the wall. Hold the float with one hand and the metal smoothing float in the right. Moving slowly one and then the other. This will give a nice, smooth ledge on the wall.

This is only a few suggestions, there are so many available online and in DIY magazines. Above all else make certain of one thing before you ever even entertain this idea. Check with your local zoning board or certification center. Depending on where you live there may be special instructions that you will need to follow. Not to mention that you may very well need a permit. Regardless of that, enjoy building! There is nothing more rewarding than stepping back and enjoying the work You Did.

Concrete Recyling Sacramento Using Landscaping or Wall Rock for Stone Work