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Concrete Recycling Transport Sacramento Kings

Concrete Recycling Transport Sacramento Kings

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Behind the construction fences, past the caution tape and into the trenches, work crews are on the attack – hustling around the clock to tear down 80,000 tons of concrete and move 4,000 tons of steel, electrical, and 14,000 tons of debris.

But this towering and overbearing concrete jungle enveloped by a canopy of mangled steel is running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine – serving not only as a demolition and construction site, but a recycling center, too.

“We want to be good stewards in the community and we want to make sure we’re setting the example in terms of sustainability and really thinking about the environment,” said Lorenzo Butler, Director of Public Relations for the Sacramento Kings.

With a goal to recycle at least 90% of the materials from the once-bustling plaza, Project Manager Ameet Patel says as far as he’s concerned, that goal is as solid as concrete, literally.

“We have excavators with buckets that load the concrete, and then we have excavators with processors that separates the concrete from the rebar,” Patel said.

Thousands of tons of materials are put into trucks. Of the 100 loads that leave this site daily, 90 of them show up at Crete Crush.

“The entire crushing process takes about 30 seconds once a piece of concrete is put in the front,” said Adam Barrows from Crete Crush.

Every day, about 1,900 tons of concrete rubble are stockpiled and then processed through the efficient crusher.

“It’s like the Downtown Plaza is the organ donor for the new arena,” Barrows said.

The concrete that once held up the walls of the downtown plaza will now be use as the foundation for the new Kings arena.
Concrete Recycling Transport Sacramento Kings