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More Concrete Recycling Saramento

More Concrete Recycling Saramento


Studies show that concrete is the second most used material after water.  In California, we value our natural and manmade resources so this makes the argument for recycling beyond just plastics, glass and water.  Recycling concrete can preserve a valued resource that can be reused in a variety of ways throughout the Sacramento region.

Crushed concrete from demolition sites, broken down to coarse or fine aggregate can be used in a variety of projects.  Fine material can be combined with sand, cement and water to create an aggregate used in paving roads, building foundations and other uses.  Concrete recycling in Sacramento can be used to stabilize soil and in pipe bedding.  And concrete rubble can be used in a variety of landscaping projects.  

There are several economic benefits to opting for recycled concrete.  Concrete aggregate is lighter and, therefore, will reduce the cost associated with hauling and loading the materials to a construction site.  All while reducing the transportation emissions involved with trucking the materials throughout the state.  

Crete Crush has decades of experience in this field and services the entire Sacramento region, including local private, and state-run building projects.  We meticulously maintain top-grade crushing machines to ensure that we can produce all sizes and types of concrete aggregate that will serve any construction need.  Crete Crush will load and haul concrete to one of our recycling sites, or bring mobile crushing devices to the site to increase efficiency.

Concrete recycling, in combination with our soil and aggregate offerings, allow us to provide over 10 types of materials ranging from virgin base rock to pea gravel to boulders.  Our experienced staff  works closely with customers to ensure they receive the exact materials they need for their building project.

We encourage you to take a full look at our website to learn more about the important environmental benefits of concrete recycling in Sacramento, and to familiarize yourself with the multiple uses of recycled concrete.  When preparing for a demolition or new construction, securing concrete recycling services are a necessary and important part of your project.

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More Concrete Recycling Saramento