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Concrete Recycling With Crete Crush

Concrete Recycling With Crete Crush

Recycling tons of concrete and asphalt is an undertaking quite common to companies like Crete Crush. Dealing with huge amounts of up to 30 million tons of concrete for recycling purposes is one way of helping to keep the environment safe and unexploited.

Concrete recycling in Sacramento is fast gaining recognition as a viable and ecofriendly way of using concrete debris from construction sites, demolition sites and renovation sites. By initiating various different concrete recycling projects, Crete Crush is able to provide the construction industry with an unending source of recycled concrete. In basic terms, Crete Crush takes concrete debris, sieves out the unwanted foreign content and then prepares it for recycling. The process results in aggregate material that is fit for use in various construction projects, ranging from base materials for road laying to landscaping projects.

By partnering with another company like GR Trucking, this company is able to work closely with both the government and local contractors to help provide adequate material out of the recycled concrete for use in new projects. Concrete recycling in Sacramento has helped to significantly reduce the need to tap the natural resources in the surrounding area. Through the encouragement of adopting practices that focus on concrete recycling, landfills don’t have to be used for dumping concrete debris and illegal dumping of concrete debris is slowly becoming nonexistent.

Companies are starting to realize the value of using recycled concrete, especially when companies like Crete Crush are able to provide high quality recycled material that is not contaminated with unwanted foreign objects. The recycling facilities that are operated by Crete Crush are also offering mobile crushing equipment as part of their service to interested clients. This will further help to cut down on overall costs at project sites, which is a positive thing.