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Concrete recycling benefiting our environment

Concrete recycling benefiting our environment

From hydraulic hammers, crushers and breakers to economic factors; they all play an integral role in what is widely known as concrete recycling Sacramento and worldwide. Environmental protection and the conservation of our natural resources are elements in the equation that have become a serious issue in the global industry. Many contractors and governmental entities appreciate the need for industrial change in the method of construction, especially with regard to the utilization of waste materials.

The recycling of concrete is a realistic and futuristic solution for waste material disposal and with the majority of authorities, in ever increasing environmental controls on new aggregate sources and landfill areas, effective costing is leaning in favor of applications like concrete recycling Sacramento. For owners and contractors, the cost of transporting natural aggregates and waste materials related to a construction or demolition site are becoming in many cases, prohibitive. This is a factor that is posing greater challenges as available natural sources decrease and the distances for transporting them, increase.

Landfill space is becoming severely limited, particularly in the urban areas, with associated fees likely to continue rising to compensate for the ever-increasing demand.  The use of recycled concrete as a construction material is a natural solution for the issues created by limitations on raw materials. As shown by concrete recycling Sacramento the construction of buildings and other applications would be motivated by the circulation of onsite resources. As well as being environmentally-friendly, it is a system that is economically viable.

Unprocessed Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) serves a purpose as general bulk fill, sub-basement, as well as in road construction and a variety of other applications. When processed, the material can be utilized in new, lean and structural graded concrete, pavement foundations, bituminous and soil-cement, as well as in the production of high-strength concrete!

Concrete recycling benefiting our environment