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Concrete Recycling Alternative Sacramento

Concrete Recycling Alternative Sacramento

Concrete aggregates are inert granular, virgin materials; for example, sand, crushed stone or gravel, which with water and cement, are an essential ingredient in concrete.  These aggregates are ripped from the earth usually by mining operations that leave our lands scarred and sometime barren.  It is well recorded that the depletion of the world’s natural resources has created a serious environmental issue.  Concrete manufacturers proudly proclaim the need for pure materials for a good concrete mix.

These virgin aggregates are natural gravel and sand, generally dug, or dredged from a pit, a lake, a river, or even a seabed.  However, there is an environmentally –friendly alternative, as practised by concrete recycling Sacramento.  Crushed Concrete Aggregate (CCA) is produced by crushing old concrete from demolished structures and elsewhere and then refined by recycling processes for usage as new concrete.

It is estimated that aggregates account for between 60% and 75% of the total volume of concrete and form two distinct categories, which are fine and coarse. These figures give some idea of the savings in our natural resources’ by utilizing the concrete recycling Sacramento process. With stringent controls the waste materials or aggregate is processed, by crushing, screening, and washing designed to obtain the correct degree of cleanliness and gradation.

Crushing concrete for the production of new concrete is an alternative and common method of achieving a concrete that is more environment-friendly.  It has the capability to reduce the consumption of the natural resources as well as decreasing the need for landfills, used for waste concrete disposal.  The crushing procedure utilized by concrete recycling Sacramento ensure the aggregate particles of the recycled concrete compare favourably with conventional mineral aggregates in good particle shape, high absorption, and low specific gravity.  Recycled concrete aggregate rete has been shown to have no significant effect on the related volume response to temperature and moisture effects.

Concrete Recycling Alternative Sacramento

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