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Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing in the Recycling Process

The recycling process of concrete begins with material sorting and crushing procedures, which requires a complete knowledge of the effects of a variety of influencing factors. Arguably, among the most important issues associated with recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and which may affect production, quality, and yield include:

  • Properties of the concrete to be crushed; its composition
  • Strength and aggregate grading
  • Type of crushers used; for example, by concrete recycling Sacramento
  • Number of stages in the crushing procedure
  • Size of the RCA particles
  • Sizing of the reduction sequence

The effects of these factors, or issues, interact and overlap within the properties of the coarse concrete aggregates processed in concrete recycling Sacramento. Also included in the equation can be their water absorption, mortar content, and bulk density.

Although estimates may vary, it can be recognized that a minimum world average production of concrete in a developing and increasingly industrialized world is approximately 6 billion tons per year. The adverse impact of this development on the environment has created serious issues, due to the mining and transportation needs of natural aggregates. It is a situation further aggravated by the demolishing of concrete structures and dumping the waste in landfills!

Therefore, the need for onsite crushing and processing of construction materials, by for example; concrete recycling Sacramento assumes an even more crucial role. It influences not only the critical preservation of our natural resources but also is helping promote sustainable development with the protection of the environment. This protection and conservation of irreplaceable natural materials have the effect of reducing the disposal of demolition waste from old concrete. It has also been recognized as being more cost-effective for site owners and contractors. Crucially, and by natural association, recycling helps limit the pollution of our environment!

Concrete Crushing in the Recycling Process

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